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Academic staff

Name Function Phone* Email#
Sophie Bauduin Associate Professor 2420 sophie.bauduin
Emilie Cauët Associate Professor 2414 emilie.cauet
Lieven Clarisse Research Associate, FNRS 2057 lieven.clarisse
Cathy Clerbaux Visiting Professor (IPSL) 2432 cathy.clerbaux
Pierre Coheur Professor 2578 pierre.coheur
Nathalie Vaeck Full Professor (director) 4728 nathalie.vaeck
Jean Vander Auwera Senior Research Associate, FNRS 2418 jean.vander.auwera

Senior researchers and postdocs

Name Function Phone* Email#
Antoine Aerts Postdoctoral researcher antoine.aerts
Rosa Astoreca Research assistant 4987 rosa.astoreca
Jérôme Deprince Postdoctoral researcher jerome.deprince
Maël Es-Sayeh Postdoctoral researcher mael.essayeh
Bruno Franco Postdoctoral researcher bruno.franco
Daniel Hurtmans Senior researcher 4940 daniel.hurtmans
Killian Leroux Postdoctoral researcher killian.leroux
Martin Van Damme Postdoctoral researcher martin.van.damme
Catherine Wespes Postdoctoral researcher 4987 catherine.wespes
Simon Whitburn Postdoctoral researcher simon.whitburn

PhD Students

Name Function Phone* Email#
Nicolas Callebaut FRIA Grant nicolas.callebaut
Helene De Longueville FRIA Grant helene.de.longueville
Gilles Lecomte Teaching assistant gilles.lecomte
Lara Noppen PhD Student Lara.Noppen
Carla Silva Tafur PhD Student carla.silva.tafur

Retired academics

Name Function Phone* Email#
Michel Godefroid Professor of the University 2417 michel.godefroid
Michel Herman Professor of the University michel.herman
Jacques Liévin Professor of the University jacky.lievin
George Verhaegen Professor of the University gverhaeg@ulb.ac.be

Scientific Collaborators

Name Function Phone* Email#
Ann Carine Vandaele Scientific Collaborator (IASB) a-c.vandaele@oma.be

Administrative and technical assistance

Name Function Phone* Email#
Julie Paraire Administrative assistant 2415 julie.paraire
Athéna Rizopoulos Research engineer 2428 atina.rizopoulos
Patrick Van Poucke Mechanical workshop 2429 patrick.van.poucke

* All phone extensions should be preceded by +32-2-650
# All email addresses should be followed by @ulb.be

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